Undefined Influencer Pool

We do not plug into a limited network that may or may not suit your target market or industry. Instead, we handpick the right allies for your brand and develop fruitful relationships that directly create an impact on your business.

Audience Selection Scoring

We find the perfectly fitting audience by zeroing in on your very target market and matching your brand to only those influencers that have the right expertise, recognition, exposure, and potential to influence people.

Partnerships of All Sizes

Influencers come in many different shapes and sizes, and we help you determine what size of the audience is required to meet your goals. We work with recognized influencers of all tiers: nano, micro, mid, macro, and star celebrity.

Activate Your Network Strategically


Influencer Matchmaking
Strategizing Campaigns
Campaign Management
Tracking and Measurement

There’s an exclusive influencer for every brand, and we always know how and where to find them. We connect you with influencers who win people.

We develop interactive influencer marketing strategies that withhold long-term potential and bind influencers at their core.

Our dedicated team of campaign managers offers hands-on support throughout the execution of your campaign. We take care of disclosure regulations and legal documentation as well.

We set data-driven and ROI-focused KPIs before kick-starting every campaign. We measure progress at every stage and provide you with highly transparent and tangible insights.

Campaign Metrics Dashboard View

Generating Real Impact

To better understand what your target audience is saying about your brand, Rank Me Locally offers a custom social listening analysis that provides impeccable insight, all while brewing the next winning campaign strategy.

Dedicated to Data

Converting Possible Leads into Customers

To formulate the best strategy for your influencer marketing campaign, Rank Me Locally offers custom analyses of quality data. We put together a strategy that aims to make people fall in love with your brand and campaigns.

Scalable Campaigns

Lifting Brand’s Impact

Our influencer marketing pros partner with brand tracking platforms to measure the qualitative outcome of your influencer marketing activities. Our brand lift studies can also measure the impact of certain influencer activities to showcase the current standing position.

Real Time Analytics

Influencer Marketing Playbooks

We help brands develop thoughtful, relevant, authentic, precise, and cost-effective social media influencer marketing strategies. By developing strategic and data-driven guidelines, we allow brands to streamline their influence across markets.

Lightning Fast Ramp Up
  • Your own Social Media Manager
  • Monthly Reports

Your own Social Media Manager

We assign a designated Social Media Manager to assist at every stage of the project planning and implementation. He/She will be your go-to person for any challenges or queries you may encounter through the progress of your project.

Monthly Reports

By the end of the month, your Social Media Manager will get ready with reports for you to assess. You can easily keep track of your monthly performance for social media marketing by availing regular reports from your designated manager.

SMM Partnership

We Know the Art of Milking the Mix Very-Well

We approach influencer marketing campaigns in methods similar to other performance marketing initiatives. We develop a strategy based on real data, careful vet influencer, handpick the ideal influencers, manage deliverables, and customize unique campaigns based on your very business goals.

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